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We are a group of ladies who have sung together for several years in ensembles which include the chorus of Opera Lyra Ottawa and Ewashko Singers. Besides participating in our own concert series, we regularly perform on the stage of Ottawa's National Arts Centre, joining forces with other choruses for combined masterpieces, or performing alone as a featured choir.

We are comfortable singing in styles ranging from classical music and opera, to folk music and jazz, and are comfortable both with and without accompaniment.

Maureen Brannan Allison Kennedy Christine Muggeridge Mary Balaisis Zborowski

Our debut performance was as part of Ewashko Singers' concert, October 2016, at Rockcliffe Park's 75th anniversary celebrations.

The Baladears - Christine, Maureen, Allison and Mary

Baladears - Christine, Maureen, Allison and Mary


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Singing in Ottawa and the National Capital Region,